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Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Enabling the decision makers to easily access real-time business information and transform it into comprehensible reports is critical to the success of any organisation. By creating proper reporting data storage, building dashboards and allow self-serve style data analytics, companies can respond more effectively to changing conditions, optimize core processes, and reduce IT involvement and cost-efficiency.

We have knowledge and expertise to help companies to improve data analysis and take it to another level.

Our expertise include the following tools and technologies :

  • Reports development and design - SSRS, SAP Crystal Reports
  • Datawarehouse design
  • ETL process development. SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Business Intellegence
  • PowerPivot
  • SSAS Cube desing
  • Dashboards development


Some of our works include:

COMtrac -Investigator Notebook

iPad based application for use by investigators, inspectors or auditors which provides a secure and efficient environment where notes and exhibits (audio, photo, video) can be captured in a contemporaneous manner. Pdf reports of investigation activities can be produced for printing and emailing. Collected exhibits linked to the database records and synchronised to cloud based Asp.net application.

View in COMTrac iNB App Store

Jeans West - Store Review application

Web based database Store Review application for iPad. This application aimed to replace paper based forms with iPads. Completed reviews emailed to the appropriate personnel for further action. Review details and action plan results stored in the backend database for reporting purposes.

Sales manager

Profield -iPad based mobile ordering system designed to be used by wholesale sales reps. System consists of iPad application and web based administration system. It can be seamlessly integrated into the majority of Enterprise systems. The iPad app aimed to replace the windows mobile based software currently used by our clients.


ChekRite changes the way that you complete checks for your business lowering costs by up to 95% over traditional paper based systems. See how ChekRite can replace all of your paper based systems to ensure compliance, increase consistency and reduce costs.


ConfCast app is a specifically designed conference management tool. The conference process is no longer confusing. No matter whether you are a participant, speaker or organizer, follow simple instructions and make your conference experience more productive, efficient and enjoyable.


  • Web application technology (ASP.net MVC, Silverlight,CakePHP, Bootstrap ,Kendo UI, Telerik) to deliver online and cloud based business systems
  • Mobile development(XCode,HTML5, Java) to provide enterprise level integrated mobility solutions to different industries
  • Desktop systems (WPF, Winforms, Telerik) to build rich, interactive , fast interfaces for your database
  • Reporting and BISql Server Reporting services, Crystal Reports, Telerik to build flexible interactive business analisys
  • Application Hosting

Our database expertise includes the following database products:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQLite
  • MySQL