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About Us

Unicon Software has been operating in Australia since 2000 focusing on delivering high quality enterprise grade customised software solutions at competitive pricing for corporate, government, education and health. Over the years we have successfully delivered a variety of software solutions on different platforms across many industries.

Why Choose Us

Delivering optimal solution
we strive to understand every aspect of our customer’s business, so we can provide top quality cost effective solution to archive their business objective
Trusted relationship
our desire is to build long- term mutually beneficial relationship based upon helping our customers to meet their goals
Outstanding customer service
we are available long hours during the day to promptly respond to our customers’ needs and requests. We have an extensive arsenal of support mechanisms to ensure the customer’s systems running smoothly
Reduced risk
our unique software development approach guaranties at least two of our team members to be involved in any development or support task. This ensures a knowledge continuity and additional level of control
Vast area of expertise
our team consists of experts of different areas. This ensures that each project task is performed by suitably qualified specialists
We guarantee our work
every fixed price project we deliver has at least three months of warranty


We believe in a phased approach, allowing us to first evaluate and document the exact software development requirements of the project and then delivery it using well defined roadmap and processes


The initiation is one of the most important stages in the project management lifecycle as it is the stage in which overall objective of the project is set. It also aims to identify and estimate overall project scope and possible delivery timelines

Requirements gathering

In this phase the project requirements are defined in full and documented down to a detailed level. This process ensures that both the client and the project team common understanding of the project deliverables. Gathered requirements then used to set a clear cost and delivery time lines

Roadmap Definition

Delivery milestones are key for both the client and project team. The full project plan will be developed. This project plan will be used to track and report the work in progress against the key milestones ensuring the customer is permanently updated regarding the work status and is able to plan with greater certainty.



In this phase the system and software design is prepared from the requirement specifications.


Unicon Software promotes an interactive solution development process to create solutions that will meet 100% of the project’s requirements. The process has a number of development sprints that will deliver useable functionality that is released for evaluation by the customer.


After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements. During this phase integration testing, acceptance testing are done.


After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the production environment for customer for their use.


We deliver a full range of software support services which includes: defects resolution, enhancements, database support, performance and tuning . Our services available ad add-hock or SLA based.